Free Falling Into Life

OK, so I officially cut the cord on May 14th, 2021. No day job, no income. What's become of my days. They are always open and spacious, creating just enough room for whatever's supposed to be here to be. Is this sustainable? Shouldn't I hit the gas pedal and do more? What's next?

My sense is there is nothing for me to do and just allow Life to unfold. I continue to just Be, tune into Presence, and when I get pulled back up into my ego, I simply soften and smile, sink and slide.

I've been working with some business people on the work that brought me to the decision to free fall. In ALL cases, they are able to sense into Life and smile more, be more spacious, and tune into the reality of their own experiences and existence. It can truly be life changing stuff.

As a result I am moved to create a free workshop to introduce others to these simple practices that we all can use to access Aware Presence. I will offer a paid service at the end of the workshop for those who want to go deeper.

Who knows? Perhaps I can even make a couple dollars in teaching others? Or not, either way I'll be OK in my free fall into Life. You will be too!

The free workshop is Thursday, September 30th at 11AM EST. You are Welcome to join.

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