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What Clients Have Said

Working with Marshall has been the single most crucial decision of my entire life. As a cybersecurity sales executive, I lead a busy, stressful, and chaotic life. Combining work stress with family stress, personal goals, and finding time for myself, I quickly began struggling with general day-to-day life. After years of failed solution attempts, Marshall helped me 'wake up', filling the voids and helping me refocus energy on being happy again. I am eternally grateful for his mentorship, and I can't recommend him enough!

...I learned how to arrive in presence from Marshall. Using the Be Unlimited program as well as one-on-one coaching sessions, he taught me about acceptance and surrender. He taught me how to be in alignment with the present moment. From presence, everything else follows.

Marshall and Human Potential are the bow wrapped around every sales training, self help book, management class, couples counseling, and fitness program I have every participated in.  With direct instructions and practices there is no guessing how to be present in life.  In a few weeks, you will see.

Michael Green - Business Development Leadership in FinTech

Adam Brown - Sales Executive

Joe Micara - Sales Leadership in Cybersecurity/Technology

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